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The Toads: Electronic Press Kit 

Photo 1 by Heather Hanson. Click for hi-res

Photo 2 by Heather Hanson. Click for hi-res

"You're Gonna Die/I Have Fun" music video, dir. Sean Roney, 2016

"I'm Sorry" live at Bunk Bar, filmed by Steve Montague, 2017

"I'm a Toad" music video, dir. Alexandr Beran, 2016

The Toads are power pop trio based on Portland, OR. Ranging in tone from 90's alternative to Beatles pop to punk to trash blues, primary songwriters Matt K. and Matt D. create catchy, humorous, harmonized tunes that stick in the ear, at turns snarky and sincere but always memorable, performed with high energy and high volume. 

Transplants from Boston, singer-guitarist Matt K. and singer-bassist Matt D., joined originally by singer-drummer Mitch Gonzales (Jackson BooneWave Action,) formed in the Spring of 2015 and quickly established themselves as a band addicted to live shows, with over 100 performances in Portland within their first two and a half years as a band, plus a full length album, three EPs and three music videos showcasing their campy, antic comic style. This frenetic activity, along with their humor, chops, and rapid-fire live sets, have helped the Toads gain ever more visibility in the city's all ages garage rock underground. 

In 2017, Kings and Vagabonds drummer Dylan Valentine replaced Gonzales on the throne, and the Toads kept moving, appearing live on Portland Radio Project and Freefrom Portland, sitting down for an extended interview on the Haute Garbage Podcast, and hamming it up as the musical guests on the live chat show Who's the Ross. 


The band released a six song EP, "Time", in July 2017 via their debut performance at the hip local venue Rontoms. The sextet of tunes earned them their first acknowledgement from local alt-weekly Willamette Week. Their second EP of the year, "It's for You", dropped in December, finding praise in Vortex, the Deli, Portland Notes, and other publications.


The Toads played their first string of our-of-town dates in 2017, exploring Oregon in March and Washington in September, where they were well-received, landing an interview session on Thin Air Radio in Spokane and getting featured in a full-page interview in the Tri-Cities alt-monthly Tumbleweird.


In March 2018 the band appeared on Salem's CCTV and embarked on its most ambitious tour yet, the two week "Fools' Tour", playing 12 shows in Oregon, California and Nevada. They brought with them their first cassette release, "The Compleat Toads", created with Dazzleships Records and gathering all 33 of their studio recordings in one place. 

In May, the Toads' song "It's for You" was included on the 2018 PDX Pop Now! Compilation, regarded as a key annual barometer of the local scene. They're currently working on the second full-length album.

Whatever they do, the Toads maintain their mission of leading all to the Church of Rock N Roll, where they will preside for eternity over the altar. Praise be to the Toads, Matt, Matt and Dylan, amen. 


"The Toads, still unsigned, have got a completely and fully supported DIY method of existing as a band that's contributed to what's made them such a delight so far... Even in welcoming new drummer Dylan Valentine to the mix [on "It's for You,"] The Toads haven't stumbled or faltered, the Weezer-esque "You Don't Deserve Me" and the raw punk feels of "Never a Good Time" for the new EP staying true to the band's capacity." --The Deli Portland, 12/15/17


"'I’m Sorry' shows off [The Toads'] tasteful repurposing of ‘90s indie, punk and grungy goodness, hitting the mark on this self-described 'slacker anthem.'" --Vortex, 12/11/2017

"Nineties rock revivalism tends to tilt toward the grungy end of things, which is understandable—Hole was awesome, and Nirvana shirts still look great. But Portland band the Toads, which celebrates the release of its new Time EP tonight, is bold enough to summon the spirits of less-revered deities like Gin Blossoms and Matthew Sweet, artists who wrote great songs but were untethered to trends or scenes. They were very good, and so are the Toads, who merge classic power-pop and ‘80s college rock so skillfully it makes one long for the days when movies were mere pretexts for Proclaimers songs." --Willamette Week, 7/19/2017

"The album kicks off with killer riffs that show off Matt Kane’s tasty guitar wizardry and closes with an anthem of positive vibes, Keep On Keepin’ On. This country-pop-rock album pretty much captures the essence of Portland Summer 2017 and begs the question that so many people are asking “why aren’t these guys huge yet?” Thanks guys! Keep on keepin’ on! You are making people happy!" --Portland Notes, 8/3/2017






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