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"The stripped-down, revved up sound of ‘90s pop-punk complete with all its goofball antics is having a resurgent moment as those that grew up listening to it come into their own. Portland trio The Toads... blast out short, snarky, snarls of catchy guitar pop..." --Rogue Valley Messenger, 3/15/18

"The Toads are from Portland where it rains a lot but they sound like they write songs in sunny California.

The pop hooks are aplenty on the bands latest EP “It’s For You” (their second) and The Toads move the dial from power pop, to the guitar-driven punk pop of Weezer, to the harmonic vibe of the Beach Boys." --50Thirdand3rd, 1/2/18

"While they write separately, both [Matt K and Matt D] write great lyrics that reveal modern-day existential angst and self-awareness. Their energetic tunes, which are typically about two and a half minutes long, are also perfect for the ADHD generation- quick and to the point, with no obligatory filler." --Portland Notes, 12/20/2017

"The Toads, still unsigned, have got a completely and fully supported DIY method of existing as a band that's contributed to what's made them such a delight so far... Even in welcoming new drummer Dylan Valentine to the mix [on "It's for You,"] The Toads haven't stumbled or faltered, the Weezer-esque "You Don't Deserve Me" and the raw punk feels of "Never a Good Time" for the new EP staying true to the band's capacity." --The Deli Portland, 12/15/17

"'I’m Sorry' shows off [The Toads'] tasteful repurposing of ‘90s indie, punk and grungy goodness, hitting the mark on this self-described 'slacker anthem.'" --Vortex, 12/11/2017

"[The Toads] are a band that almost everyone can enjoy. They bred [sic] the bashfulness of blues with the energy of pop and the purity of punk. Lyrically packed with emotion and proverbially pulling you in to wonder where it will turn next while flowing all the way through." --Lysergic Sound Department, 11/15/2017

"The Toads are a pop-punk band that brings a kind of fun enthusiasm for music too rare in a world where everyone wants to take themselves just a little too seriously." --Tumbleweird, 9/1/2017 (page 23)

"Time still operates the same pop-punk plane The Toads usually skirt on, but with a slight twist. It's not just delightfully punky tunes anymore, but also an incorporation of more of a 90's alternative feel to the tracks. At times, Time even touches on a Beatles-esque '60s pop quality, like on the track 'Alien Gene.'" --The Deli Portland, 8/18/2017

"[The Toads are] the most prolific and hardworking band in Portland right now... Their fourth album, Time... is the best production yet... The album kicks off with killer riffs that show off Matt Kane’s tasty guitar wizardry and closes with an anthem of positive vibes, Keep On Keepin’ On. This country-pop-rock album pretty much captures the essence of Portland Summer 2017 and begs the question that so many people are asking 'why aren’t these guys huge yet?'" --Portland Notes, 8/3/2017

"Nineties rock revivalism tends to tilt toward the grungy end of things... But Portland band the Toads... is bold enough to summon the spirits of less-revered deities like Gin Blossoms and Matthew Sweet, artists who wrote great songs but were untethered to trends or scenes. They were very good, and so are the Toads, who merge classic power-pop and ‘80s college rock so skillfully it makes one long for the days when movies were mere pretexts for Proclaimers songs." --Willamette Week, 7/19/2017

"Joining [the other bands] on this bill are my personal favorite pop punk geniuses, The Toads... They draw from a ton of influences outside of punk that give their sound far more layers than you’d normally find in the genre. This is a pop punk band for true music geeks." --Tour Worthy, 7/18/2017

"With lyrics touching on how open Portland is with nearly every type of social and individual freedom, "Portland, Or" shows how much The Toads love their town in a catchy, pop-punky way. If anything, it should be the city's anthem." --The Deli Portland, 5/1/2017

"Merry punksters The Toads will kick things off at 9 p.m., and trust me when I say you will not want to miss their set. They’re experimental, they’re full of energy and they know how to get a party started off right." --Tour Worthy, 10/25/2016


"It really was a great night of music at ye ol' Firk. It felt like the old days, when the energy of the crowd and music would bounce around off those emerald green walls and our smiling faces until it all eventually lined up and then magically ascended to that perfect apex of happy oneness, spastic and contained all at once." --The Super Groovy Cosmic Bus Entertainment, talking about the Toads' "Always Be Nice" EP release show with Kings & Vagabonds and Castles, 10/24/2016


"Good pop punk seems to be hard to find nowadays... Thankfully, local trio the Toads exist to make sure pop punk isn't dead. Their new EP Always Be Nice, due out tomorrow, showcases that. From its opening title track to the garage tinged and vengeful 'I Don't Get Hungover (I Get Even)' rounding it out, it's solid enough to make us crave more." --The Deli Portland, 10/21/2016


"Marrying classic pop of the ’60s with grungy college rock of the ’90s, The Toads’ sound is a delightfully positive amalgamation." --Next Northwest, 7/30/2016


"Our album was primarily inspired by the current state of politics and the global economy. That, as well as God, Gaia, string theory, the Singularity, and the life and times of Justin Bieber." --Matt K. to, 7/16/2016


"The Toads quickly got under way constructing an album of catchy, dare we say danceable power pop, not-so-quietly emerging as the ambassadors of rock in a music scene dominated by psychedelia and dream pop. Having played over 60 shows in a little over a year, the Toads have earned a reputation for being one of the tightest bands in Portland." --Like You Said, 6/8/2016


"The Toads put out an absurdly cool album this year... imagine power pop as performed by Daniel Johnston. It’s a little quirky, but super melodic, best played blasting out of your speakers on a sunny afternoon." --Tour Worthy, 5/24/2016


"'I'm a Toad' is both the kind of song and video that makes you want to jump up, act crazy and freak a few people out." --The Deli Portland, 5/23/16


"It’s refreshing to listen to a band that’s just writing about what is going on with their lives and their thoughts about it all... not to mention that the band is tight, they sound to me like they have been together for a long time, dig the harmonies, drums out front and killer licks and I would bet it would be a blast to catch them live. So don’t let anyone tell you that todays music isn’t what it used to be, shake that person by the shoulders and let them know that there are plenty of bands worth their precious time and energy and they can start to give a shit by listening to… The Toads." --53thirdand3rd, 2/25/2016


"The Toads have merit beyond their retro roots, crafting songs that are lovable, energetic and at times downright hilarious." --Tour Worthy, 2/10/2016


"These guys are an absolute blast, playing their energetic mix of classic psych rock with a distinctive punk rock, not-a-care-in-the-world attitude." Tour Worthy, 2/9/2016


"Toads are warty; frogs are smooth. Apparently there's no other biological difference. Even so, toads carry that kind-of-cute, kind-of-loathsome image that's perfect for a pop-punk-country outfit." --Square Pig in a Round Hole, 11/21/2015



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