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It's been a while since my last update, Toad Children... forgive me. We've had to get used to being CIVILIANS again instead of a touring band on a mission from God, but we're doing okay. In April we travelled to COOS BAY and to our favorite spot in Salem, THE SPACE, and, for a special 4/20 excursion, the blessed city of EUGENE, where it's always 1997. On the home front we played a great all ages show with Friends of Noise who you should all check out and support if you're in Portland! Our quest to play all across our home state led us to Lebanon as well, in May. But we're actually scaling back from the demands of live shows, especially in Portland, in order to prepare new songs for a NEW ALBUM that we're planning to release in October. We're also working on getting our affairs straight as a business entity. So as of now, it's a state of SEMI-HIBERNATION, but really just behind the scenes stuff. As always, stay tuned to channel Toad for all information. 

--Matt D. 


We're finally JUST ABOUT recovered from FOOLS' TOUR 2018! Thanks to EVERYONE in the bands and venues we performed with: Bombs Away Cafe, the Macks, MASQ, Oberon's, Subrosa, Eve's Peach, Sunshine Eyes, DBA 256, Dylan Ewen, This Uni, the Gnars, Fourth Street Vine, Jack N Peg, MNKY FNGS, the Bancroft, Coral Bells, Corey & the Tribe, Mike's house in Fresno and Jeff Pish a.k.a. Bangladeshi Highway, Judah, Sampson Simpson, Jub Jub's Thirst Parlor, Baby Dog, The Appleton Grille, Bananarchy, Jesus and the Dinosaurs, Fratelli's Pizza, the Sound Lounge and its Burlesque Bingo crew, the Triangle, Brides, Fear Dog, and the holy Bunk Bar back in Portland who hosted our homecoming show with Mo Troper and the Minders. So much talented and diverse rock n' roll, we are truly honored to share stages with all of ya'll and, in the case of the venues, play on those stages. Also a shout out to the GRACIOUS HOSTS who let us sleep on their couches and floors: Ben, Michael and Myriah, Bob, Aviv, Matt S., the Coral Bells folks, Mike, and Aaron from Fratelli's for buying us a damn hotel room.

But this also means WE'RE BACK in Portland. New local shows are slowly trickling onto our calendar, and we're making plans for a second tour, likely back up to Washington State, in the late summer. We're also planning on making a series of new recordings over the course of the spring and summer. For the immediate future this month, we've got Oregon shows in Coos Bay, Salem, and Eugene, plus a local all ages show hosted by Friends of Noise. 

Finally, we still have plenty of copies of the COMPLEAT TOADS tape we had made for the tour. It's the perfect ONE STOP SHOP for Toad music, containing all the music we've released so far as a band. This thing looks and sounds amazing and we're quite pleased with it. You can pick it up at one of our upcoming shows or at our Bandcamp store!

--Matt D.


Greetings, Toad Children! We're down to the wire preparing for our first major tour. Go to our HOME or SHOWS page for a full list of dates. We've got 13 shows lined up all the way up and down the great states of Oregon and California (and Reno, NV too because why not?!). We've printed up more than 100 fresh Toad shirts including ladies sizes for whoever prefers them, because NO ONE SHALL BE LEFT OUT OF TOAD LIFE. We've also bought a VAN, and Hunter Skowron at Dazzleships Records is working AROUND THE CLOCK to complete THE COMPLEAT TOADS, our first tape compiling everything we've recorded so far, including our new single BRAIN NAIL b/w THE ACT, which you'll be able to stream next week. We leave next Friday! Wish us luck, and may the Toad be with you.

--Matt D. 


Well it's a new year and soon the Toads will celebrate their THIRD anniversary as a musical project. Matt K came to Portland in 2013, than Matt D came in January 2015, and they started working on songs in the basement. Then they got into Ezra's recording space and made a couple dozen demos... then there was Spencer on drums and our first live show, and then Mitch on drums, and finally Dylan and our 100th show, and the Lord said that it was good. No better way to celebrate than to do THE BIGGEST TOUR WE'VE DONE SO FAR. The FOOLS' TOUR will find us traveling down into the holy promised land of CALIFORNIA from March 16 until our triumphant return to Portland on APRIL FOOLS' DAY. As merch on the tour we'll be working with Dazzleships Records to create THE COMPLEAT TOADS, our first cassette stuffed with 33 tracks including all our official releases so far and two newly released recordings, "Brain Nail" and "The Act". So you'd be a FOOL not to celebrate with us. More details to come!

--Matt D.





















Good evening Toad Children, Matt K's back from Italy and we hit the pavement with THUNDER, burning through five Portland shows in two weeks with North by North, Husky Boys, Ronnie Carrier, Walker Lukens, Maurice and the Stiff Sisters, Motorcoat, Average Pageant, Second Player Score and the Shrike. Thanks all ya'll for tunes!!! 


Now we're ready to settle down and focus on the release of our latest EP, "It's for You", featuring five sparkling rock n' roll TRAX recorded to sturdy analog tape with Hadrian Kindt of Fire Nuns, Prison Dress, Dim Wit and possibly 12 other bands. There's the front cover above. Our EP release show is December 15, at the Clinton Street Theater, Click here for the FB event page! If you're in Portland, come out come out come out to this SWEET all ages show!!! We follow it up the next day helping Alison Dennis, a.k.a. Dr. Something, celebrate the art opening for her "Sounds Illustrated" series at Turn Turn Turn!! We love these drawings and even used one on the back cover of "Time". Then 2017, the Year of the Toad, officially comes to an end. Whew!

--Matt D. 


Good afternoon, Toad Children! We're a little more than halfway through Matt K's 45 day trip to Europe, during which we've been unable to play any shows, but we'll be back in action November 8th, with Husky Boys and North by North at Turn Turn Turn. The following Sunday we're playing a special all ages early show at the White Eagle, ideal for parents with kids who still want to catch a show now and again. Then, on November 21, we hit Lola's Room to help our friends Second Player Score release a special craft beer designed for the band. How tight is that?!! Finally, on December 15, we hit one of our favorite spots, the Clinton Street Theater, to release our new EP, "It's for You". The point is, we'll be working hard to make up for our absence!!! Because we know you love and need Toad, and believe us, so do we. Check our shows page for the full rundown of Toady goodness in the last two months of this epic year of 2017. 

--Matt D.


Well, we're back from our Washington State tour, which was total gangbusters!! Thanks to everyone who played rock n roll with us, shacked us up for a night, bought merch, ran sound, told us they liked it--everyone, you made us feel appreciated and welcome!! We've got a couple more shows before Matt K. leaves for a month-long trip to Europe, and on Monday we're recording our next EP. That's all for now!

--Matt D.






















The Toads are going on tour again! Our WASHINGTON STATE MINI TOUR 2017 starts in Portland at the Know on 9/5, then up to Seattle on 9/7, Richland on 9/8 and finally the sparkling metropolis of SPOKANE on 9/9. But before that we've still got a little fun for you... on 8/29, next Tuesday, we'll be appearing on WHO'S THE ROSS, a live chat show at the legendary Dante's in Portland's surprisingly-still-pretty-seedy Old Town neighborhood. As always, check our SHOWS page for all the juicy details. 

--Matt D.


Our EP release show at Rontoms went MOST EXCELLENTLY. You can stream it on our HOME page. We've got a great August lined up. Check our SHOWS page for details. We also got some sweet new PRESS on the EP. Aside from our shows in August, we've got our WASHINGTON STATE TOUR coming up in September, with dates in Tukwila, Richland, and Spokane! Ta ta for now!

--Matt D.


Well, we're coming DOWN TO THE WIRE for our EP release show at Rontoms on July 23! The CDs have arrived, come say hi and pick one up! Before that we've also got a show in Salem 7/19 and a warm-up at O'Malley's in Portland 7/21. As always, see our SHOWS page for all the dirty details. 

--Matt D. 





















Hello hello! We're happy to announce our next EP, "Time", which we're releasing July 23rd at Rontoms! Above you there on the left is the cover image, taken on the Burnside bridge by Matt D in 2015. We're getting ready for the HEAVY PROMOTIONAL PUSH. Until then we've got two more shows in Portland and one in Salem. We're also excited to announce we've been printing GLOW-IN-THE-DARK SHIRTS, which you can see in the light & the DARK(!!!) on the right above. WOW these are snazzy as all get out. SOME PEOPLE ALREADY HAVE THESE. What about you?!


In other news, we're planning a mini-tour of Washington State this September, with confirmed dates in Richland and Spokane! More details to come. Also, Matt K and Matt D recently appeared on the Haute Garbage Podcast! We sat down with Andy and Drew (with spiritual advisement/engineering from Nate) and discussed our very different journeys from Massachusetts to Oregon, starting a band with virtually no social connections in the local music scene, musical influences, and more "insider info"!! We also speculated together about the meanings of cryptic license plates, and played songs by Creature Hole and Motorcoat!! Take listening, and get stoked for the new EP! That's all kids!

--Matt D.


Greetings Toad Children! We're preparing a BEATLES TRIBUTE SET for A Day in the Life, a special show in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Beatles 1967 banger "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band". That's June 1st, at the Fun House Lounge!! We'll be joined by David Robert Burrows of Kulululu. Matt Kane has arranged a fantastic and surprising mix of Beatles tunes, and we'e been grinding our gears on them for a month... this will be one of the best Toads shows on the year!!! COME COME COME COME COME COME TOGETHER OVER TOAD. 

Secondly, we've got a new EP, entitled "Time", coming out July 23rd at Rontoms! Stay tuned for more info on that show and that record. 

Third, we're working on new LIMITED EDITION glow-in-the-dark, white-on-black Toad shirts... these are going to be so cool, you're freaking EAT YOUR HEART OUT. 

--Matt D































GREETINGS TOAD CHILDREN! We're gearing up for our show at Bunk Bar on Thursday, May 11, with Two Moons and Fire Nuns! May will be a month full of first-time shows at venues, including the Lombard Pub, Old Nick's in Eugene, and the Alberta American Legion.


On June 1, we'll be playing a Beatles medley constructed by Matt K. for a special 50th Anniversary tribute to the Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"! Ex-Toad Mitch Gonzales will be joining us. Wow, extremely rare! This is definitely going to be one of the best and MOST MAGICAL Toad performances of 2017!! STAY TUNED FOR MORE!!

--Matt D.

Poster by Teeksillustration!


Well our latest musical release has finally arrived! "Portland, OR", b/w "Your Enemy Is You" is now streaming on the Internet... wow... Come celebrate the release with us tonight at the Liquor Store! We've got plenty more activity coming up, including a six-song EP to be release July 23 at Rontoms, and show with the Variants, Devy Metal, Two Moons, the Hugs, and Cool American, plus our debut performance in Eugene, Oregon!

--Matt D


Thanks to everyone who helped us in Corvallis and Ashland, especially Steve, Tara, and Jim, who let us stay at their respective houses! Two great shows in two great towns. Now it's back to the old Portland grind. We're gearing up for the release of our new single, "Portland, OR" at the Liquor Store on April 6! Looking ahead, we've got sweet shows with the Variants, Two Moons and Cool American on the horizon. We'll be releasing a six-song EP entitled "Time" in July. We also just completed a photo shoot with notable woman-about-town Heather Hanson, and I gotta say this shit is GOLD. Red gold, that is, because a good portion of it involved a good portion of FAKE BLOOD. As Forrest Gump once said, "Toad is as Toad does!"

--Matt D.


We're halfway through our semi-consecutive BEAVER STATE TOUR 2017. We've played Salem and Brookings, and this weekend we hit Corvallis and Ashland. I'm keeping a video diary of our trips. Click here for the first episode! Our next show back home is Sunday night, March 12, at Ash Street, celebrating the twin birthdays of Dylan Valentine and Kings & Vagabonds' bassist Will Zeigler. We're also excited to announce we'll be playing a single release show at Liquor Store April 6, with Ashland's 100 Watt Mind and local band Tallwomen. The new single is Portland, OR/Your Enemy is You, the first two tracks from our November sessions. The rest of those songs will be released at Rontom's in July... stay tuned!!!

-Matt D. 









Well, the Toads got rejected from Treefort, but we did win the Deli's reader poll for best local indie rock/post-punk band of 2016!!! That gives us the honor of being the Portland Deli's ARTIST OF THE MONTH, featured at the top of the front page! We've just restocked with MERCH, including stickers and TEMPORARY TATTOOS which are super fun!! Check out our updated SHOWS page for all our SIGNIFICANT activity, including three dates OUTSIDE OF PORTLAND... we now have shows booked through June!!

--Matt D.


It's 2017, Portland was dumped with snow, and yes, there's a horrible jackass incompetent opportunist jerk in the White House, but the TOAD TRAIN ROLLS ON. We're keeping the faith of rock n roll with MANY SHOWS in these first four months, with great bands like Fire Nuns, the Furies, Radler, the Variants, Kulululu, 100 Watt Mind and Tallwomen! Check our SHOW page for the full list so far! Also, we got shortlisted for TREEFORT, a.k.a. the SXSW of the Northwest, so stay tuned for either an announcement that WE'RE IN, or a crushed, defeated rant at the Treefort selection committee for their poor taste. We're also venturing out of town in March, with shows booked in Salem and Corvallis, and not-yet-finalized plans for shows in Southwestern Oregon with 100 Watt Mind. 

--Matt D.


Hello again Toad Children, more news to relate! FIRST! Matt D. was a guest last week on the PDX Pop Now! Radio Hour, discussing his blog Rock and Roll Portland, OR. Click here to listen to the show! SECOND. British vlogger and bicycle adventurer Joseph Kendrick is using our song "I'm a Toad" as the theme for his video series documenting his bike trip down the West Coast. Wow so awesome thanks Joseph! Click here for the first episode! THIRD! Our next show December 15 finds us returning to the Clinton Street Theater, where we had an amazing time in September. And it's all ages, so nothing will stop ya'll minors from getting some Toad love. The following Saturday, we journey to Clackamas' D-Block Indoor Skate Park for another all ages show, before finishing off 2016 at the holy Firkin Tavern for New Year's Eve. FOURTH, the Toads are now on Twitter! @wearethetoads, of course! FOLLOW US!!! FIFTH and finally, our drummer search has ended and the most excellent Dylan Valentine of Kings & Vagabonds has taken the throne. He's rapidly progressing and I can already affirm that Toads 3.0 is going to be a very good Toads. EXPECT a new set of silly photos in 2017... BRAND NEW SONGS and so much more. 

--Matt D. 



Well a lot's gone on since our last update. We gave a fond farewell to Mitch Gonzales at Kenton Club, played for a room of crazed kids at Heretic House, and we're gearing up for a few more shows before the year gets out, including a New Year's Eve gig at the faboulous Firkin Tavern. Stay tuned to Channel Toad now and FOREVER!!!


--Matt D. 




We've just released a new EP, "Always Be Nice"! Cervante Pope of the Deli helped us premiere it with some lovely words today. Thanks Cervante! Swing by our Bandcamp page to listen and buy a copy. You can also listen on our MEDIA page right here on this here website! We'll ship the CDs anywhere in the world! I just sent my Dad five! We're celebrating the release tomorrow night at the Firkin Tavern. Then we play the 29th at Kenton Club, our last show with Mitch. 


--Matt D. 




Hello Toad Children, some news to report. We'll be releasing our new EP "Always Be Nice" at the Firkin Tavern on October 22! Click here for the Facebook event page. But our next show is October 14 at Smart Collective. It'll be an early-starting, ALL AGES show, and we'll be on last, around 9. Joining us on drums will be Dylan Valentine from the fabulous Kings & Vagabonds. And finally, on HALLOWEEKEND, October 29, we play our final show with Mitch Gonzales on drums and vocals. Thereafter, Toad shows are probably going to be SCANT until we find a new drummer. So catch us while you can in October.... three fantastic lineups await you.... 


--Matt D.




A FANTASTIC  show at Clinton Street Theater! The kids were dancing, the kids were moshing, and it may be a cliche but I must report THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT. 


Also, Mitch Gonzales is leaving the Toads! Sad but true... This means we're looking for a new drummer! Click here for our Facebook annoucement, which doubles as an open call for new recruits. Send us a message if you want to be our new drummer! We have two more shows with Mitch this October, after which we'll be on hiatus until the Right Toad is found... this is a delicate and highly scientific, and yet improvisational process. Stay tuned to channel Toad for all relevant news.... 


--Matt D. 




We're back from hiatus, gearing up for our first ALL AGES show at Clinton St. Theater, entitled "Best Show Ever". We've been stoked for this one for a long time! Click here for the Facebook event with all the relevant info. After that we've got a couple more shows at the end of October. 


--Matt D. 




Great times at MOD Pizza and the Spare Room! It was fantastic kicking off a show with such fine-ass bands as Abronia, the Century, Sad Horse, and Landlines this past Saturday... Also our first time on a stage formerly used by exotic dancers!!! Not speaking for the whole band but I felt sexy!! Our next show is this Thursday at Kelly's Olympian, with two other fine-ass bands, The Variants and Black Fruit. Then we take a break until September 2nd. One more bit of news, we've just been informed that "You're Not Country Anymore" will be appearing on Tender Loving Empire's 9th annual Friends & Friends of Friends compilation, to be released this November. W00! 


--Matt D.




Our latest music video, for "You're Gonna Die/I Have Fun", is now up. Thanks to Sean Roney & crew for a great concept and hilarious execution--pun intended lol. You can check it out on our HOME page. And join us tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. for our MOD Pizza Party!

--Matt D.




Well we had a killer time with the Century and Calisse on Tuesday!! Matt and Matt have filmed their scenes for Sean Roney's upcoming video for "You're Gonna Die/I Have Fun". You can check it out at MOD PIZZA on July 30th, and we'll be debuting it on Next Northwest. We're also welcoming the band OddKnee from Houston Texas to Portland for the first time at Panic Room, Tuesday July 26! Check out their single GAY FOR THE SUMMER, which was the subject of a cool article on MEDIUM. 


--Matt D. 




GREAT TIMES this week at the White Eagle, Mother Foucault's Bookshop, and Laurelhurt Park for MAKE MUSIC PDX. We've got some killer shows coming up in July, including our extra special MOD PIZZA PARTY. We'll also be debuting a video for "You're Gonna Die/I Have Fun", by videographer Sean Roney. Come hang with us at the Firkin Tavern July 1, The Liquor Store July 12 and Panic Room July 26!


--Matt D. 




IT'S JUNE, WHAT A LOVELY MONTH. Come see us tomorrow night at the Kenton Club. Also, check out our interview on the Boston-based punk-pop webzine LIKE YOU SAID, which went up today. IT'S QUITE SILLY.


--Matt D.




Our new video for "I'm a Toad" premieres today on The Deli Portland! You can also watch it on our HOME page. Thanks Deli for featuring us! Hope ya'll enjoy it! Thanks again to MOD Pizza and Caldera Brewing Company for their pizza and beer contributions at the video shoot, and extra special thanks to Bud at Khao San PDX for funding and hosting our shoot, and tuk tuk-ing us across town with our intrepid videographer Alexandr Beran. And come see us Saturday night at Turn! Turn! Turn! Get your very own "I'M A TOAD" button. 


--Matt D.




Spring turns into summer... the Toads have an unusually long break between shows, but our next one's gonna be a killer night of punk-pop perfection. Click here for the Facebook event page, with all the pertinent details. Check out our SHOWS page for our other upcoming dates. We just got a new shipment of CDs, so anyone who still wants one, contact us. In other news, our next music video (the one we shot at the Thai restaurant) should be appearing soon. It's going to premiere on the Portland Deli!!! Stay tuned for more info about our event at MOD Pizza, Those are the awesome folks who fed us at our video shoot... 


--Matt D. 





Toad life rolls on... This Thursday we hit Valentine's for the first time. Then we take a little break before we re-join Todd and Clinton House at Halfway to Halloween on April 30. After that it's Reed College's RENN FAYRE on Sunday, May 1. That's going to be REAL WEIRD. We're playing inside a Geodesic Dome. Holy wow... T-shirts and CDs are still available, contact us!!! This past week we got played twice on X-Ray FM, our first over-the-air radio exposure. Hell yeah!!!!


--Matt D. 



























T SHIRTS NOW AVAILABLE!!! We're screen printing these these babies BY HAND the old fashioned way. The best way to get one is to come to a show! But we can also ship you one for a cool $15. Just email us with your size preference. A more proper online storefront is forthcoming...


In other news, we're doing a video shoot party at Khao San restaurant in the Pearl District this Saturday, March 19th! Come down after the restraurant closes at 10:30 for free pizza and other delightful refreshments. Take note, it's 21+... This is your chance to be immortalized forever on youtube rockin out to the Toads... Yes, we would be honored to have YOU on our TUBE. Click the link for all the info!!! 


--Matt D. 




























PHYSICAL CDs now available!!!! If you bought a digital download on our Bandcamp page, let us know your address and we can mail you one!! Or even better, if you're local, COME OUT TO A SHOW and let us bestow one upon you!!


We've got a lot of shows coming up as always. We'll be playing every first in March except the last one... hope to see you soon!!

<3, Matt D.




Our CDs are shipping very soon folks!!! We just played a surprise show last night with New York's Sharkmuffin and fellow local act Skull Diver and it was really cool! We also just added a press page to our site, check it out!!


--Matt D. 




Well, our physical CDs should be arriving by the end of the month. Also, we got a sweet writeup as well as a lovely ALBUM REVIEW on the blog Tour Worthy. Come see us tomorrow at KELLY'S OLYMPIAN with the English Language and the Furies!!!




Our album is now finished!!! 14 tracks of Toady deliciousness.... Click on HOME to listen, or head straight over to Bandcamp and check it out there. We're working on physical copies on CD, stay tuned for more info! Last night's show at Turn! Turn! Turn! with Kulululu and Rilla was a barnstormer. WE HAD A KILLER TIME. Do you also want to have a KILLER TIME???? Well, our next gig is February 11th at KELLY'S OLYMPIAN in Portland with the Furies and the English Language. It's gonna slay....


 --Matt D. 




Lots of stuff coming up for the new year. Not only is our debut ALBUM on the way, but we're especially excited to be doing a KPSU RADIO SESSION that will be FILMED. Tune in to KPSU's live stream at 5 p.m. Friday, January 15th to hear TOAD LOVE broadcasting across the airwaves.... & Check our friends RILLA's Live Friday session here... we're playing with them the 30th at Turn Turn Turn!


--Matt D.




The Toads recently recorded an album... not sure when it will be done yet but we're really excited about it... We recorded it in two days, during which we expericed genius, torment, frustration, tears, joy, ecstacy, and a spontaneous rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner". We laid down 22 songs... We've got TWO SHOWS left in 2015.... Tardis Room Dec. 17 with Redneck Baby, and NEW YEAR'S EVE with Dead Man Talking and New Not Normals at the Firkin.... come see us! Coming up in JANUARY, a radio session at KPSU!!! Yr gonna love it --Matt D. 



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